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Your College Week Depicted by Drake

 Written by    March 28, 2017

So, there’s this new hip thing the kids are doing: they’re describing their weeks or weekends with relevant pop culture figures. So, in on honor of this, and in honor of Drake’s recent release, I give you: Your College Week Depicted by Drake.


Tired…confused…overwhelmed. Or, just trying to solve that extra credit math problem.


Ok, so you get over your mopey Monday and find that determination. Yes, you’re going to go to Thompson and do homework for hours and, no, you’re not going to watch that extra, hour-long episode on Netflix.


You’re desperately willing yourself to be a “glass half full” person when you hear someone say something about Hump Day. “The weekend is coming,” you tell yourself, “you can hear it coming on the wind.” Stay focused. Don’t break down.


Oh, hey there, Thursday. What’s that? Friday’s coming? Never have sweeter words been spoken.


You may have classes, but even the knowledge that the weekend is here will make them more bearable. And then, after class? Let those tense shoulders relax, the weekend’s here to give you a nice lil’ massage.


Determined, again. But, this? This is a new type of determination. You are determined to maximize your not-homework, not-class time. You will not let classes stress you out today.


Holding back the tears…haunted by the clock counting down to Monday…trying to hold on to the sweet last moments of the weekend…forcing the Word document open.


Indecisively yours,




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