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The End is Near

 Written by    April 4, 2017

How is it possible that the year is almost over? With under 30 days left, it’s important to make every single one count, Buckeyes. We’ve almost made it. For some of us, it’s our first experience here at Ohio State, and for some others, this is the last.

This final stretch holds friendships, memories, finals, and parting ways. It holds stress, happiness, laughter, and tears.

I’m so grateful for every single person I’ve met over this past year, for every memory made, for every class failed, and for every test aced. Each of these things will contribute to the course of my life. They will help shape me into who I will grow to be. Life is full of ups and downs, and college is the hotspot of it all. When independence takes hold of the front wheel, we grow up. We learn about success, failure, and what we love. We learn about what we dislike and how to deal with it. It’s where we all learn who we truly are.

It’s almost crazy to think that in just a few short weeks, it’s summertime, and everything that the coming months hold will come out of hiding.

Think about your tests, study hard, yes, but don’t forget to enjoy yourself for the remainder of the year. Take some time today to relax, go to sleep before midnight, and eat that cupcake.

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