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Best Study Places on Campus

 Written by    April 4, 2017

Its the final stretch of the year–yay! Whether you still have a few last minute midterms to knock out like I did yesterday (biochemistry and organic chemistry–yuck), a paper or two, or you are getting a big head start on finals season, choosing the right study spots for what you need to get done is essential.

Views in Thompson Library

Need pin drop silence?

The Buckeye Reading Room and Grand Reading Room in the Thompson Library are two great locations with lots of table space, lighting, and plugs for your computer. Looking for something a little more personalized and casual? I recommend the third floor of the Health Sciences Library in Prior Hall, the fourth floor of the 18th Avenue Library, and of course the Campus Reading Room on the 11th floor of Thompson Library.

Want some subtle buzz?

The second through fourth floors of Thompson have what you are looking for. They overhang the walkway into the library so you can hear the bustle below while also hearing those quietly chatter around you but you can still definitely have your focus honed in. Other recommendations include the tables on the first floor of 18th Avenue past the computers, and the upper floors of the Union, especially by the fireplaces and windows. Now that spring is… well… springing, be sure to hit up the great outdoors to get some inspiration for your paper. There are tables around the outside of Thompson as well as plenty of benches, especially around the circumference of the oval.

Don’t mind the noise?

I personally recommend the café of 18th Avenue Library (which is where I might be sitting now) as well as the basement. There is lots of commotion but a good energy and vibes from both places. The café at offers more room for seating than the café at Thompson and also you don’t feel like people are standing on top of you trying to get their morning cup of joe.

Good luck on finals, Buckeyes!


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