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Let’s Get Technical

 Written by    April 6, 2017

Part of being a well-rounded theatre major is learning about all aspects of theatre–whether it’s on stage, directing, or contributing technical elements, it’s important to understand the basics of how each one works so you can better fulfill your role.

So I’ve gone to the Forbidden Zones and back to learn all there is about the technical aspect of theatre, come see what I’ve learned!*

Production Design

The intro class all theatre majors are required to take, Production Design, gives an overview of the five major areas of technical theatre: costume, scenic, light, sound, and media design. For the class, we took a script and spent the entire semester creating what we could use if we were in charge of all of the design elements for a production (but don’t worry no one is ever solely in charge of all of these aspects because that’s a ton of work).

I took inspiration from the architecture outside of the Wexner for my scenic design.

One of the images I liked for lighting inspiration.

Run Crew Practicum

Another way I’ve learned about the technical side of theatre is by working on the run crew for Forbidden Zones: The Great War. This show is a devised piece on World War I, and my main responsibilities include making sure the stage is clean and clear, the props are set, and nothing catastrophic happens in my little corner during the show. If you can, I recommend coming to see the show (it closes Sunday, April 9). Learn how to get tickets.

My view for most of the show

My favorite prop piece (if I’m being honest).

Ticket Office Practicum

I’ve also had the opportunity to practice my customer service skills in the Ohio State Theatre Ticket Office. I spend a couple hours a week selling tickets to theatre and dance performances, and in doing so have established my ability to sound like a broken record and can probably tell you more concerning the anatomy of a ticket than is socially acceptable. Nonetheless, it’s been a really fun experience and I’ve really enjoyed working with this staff.

View of the tech tables during tech week because I’m not allowed to take photos of the ticket office.

*I still have a ton to learn and I’m excited to discover more with my next technical theatre course coming soon.


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