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Me and My Automatic, Filtered Water: My Favorite Things About Ohio State

 Written by    April 11, 2017

Stop! Don’t scroll past this! I won’t tell you about different dining plans, I promise!

So I know that this is the time all you soon-to-be-freshman babies are choosing a college, and I would like to make sure that I get all the good freshman babies. I would like a protegee, specifically, that thinks I’m cool and would like me to teach them about systemic injustices and economics. Applications will be open soon.

Anyway. Let’s get down to it. I’m not getting sentimental, here, by the way, mostly because I am actually quite sad that freshman year is wrapping up and that the seniors are leaving and I don’t want to confront those emotions just yet. So, here it is–a few of my favorite things about Ohio State. But I’m not going to give you the stereotypical stuff. Yeah, it’s true, the people at Ohio State are amazing, and there are lots of food options, and there’s always a lot to do–but you already know that, right?! Plus, those things are vague. The personal, little things are what can make you fall in love with a university, I think. So here a few of my favorites.

  1. The English advising department

Ahhh. I’m not even an English major, but how do I put this? The advising office makes you feel like you can do it. They really want to help you. They make sure college is not like high school where you’re doing ridiculous things to get credits you don’t want. They remember you’re human and life happens and they still want to make things work for you. Ugh. Amazing.

  1. Hidden treasures

I wandered into Hopkins Hall the other day and found art. Everywhere. I have attached a picture below. I’m always stumbling upon new sequestered study spots and surprises around campus, which is really refreshing when my eyes genuinely think they are allergic to SEL.

  1. Filtered water bottle filling stations

They just put one in my building!!! The flow is so voluminous! The water is so clean! The filling station is so clean! It brightens my day every time I walk by it!!! (On a side note to Ohio State administration: When are these coming to South campus? They have brought me so much joy on North that I can’t imagine life without them.)

  1. RPAC fitness classes

I’m not a “sporty” person who “exercises seriously,” but when I make time to go to 4:25 Zumba on Mondays, it’s usually the highlight of my week. People don’t really care if you’re good at it or anything. You just go and there’s music and it’s so fun.

  1. The people

Ahh, I’m sorry, I said I wouldn’t say this. But it’s so true! I love my roommates especially and the general Ohio State culture. I can’t imagine being in a school where the people are judgmental or stuck up or out to get you. I never thought my high school culture was that bad in that sense until I got to Ohio State and realized it could be much better–really, people here are so nice and chill.

Get pumped, my little future freshman! College is infinitely better than high school!

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