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The Actual First Day of Spring

 Written by    April 11, 2017

For reals this time.

The weather’s beautiful, and so very alien after so many long months of cold. The sun is shining, the skies aren’t cloudy, there’s a pleasant breeze…Ohio State has come to life after a (according to a friend) short and mild winter. I take his word for it since it’s my first winter in a long time.

And after a week of midterms, this kind of weather is a pleasant reward. Everyone it outside having a good time, I see tours around every corner.

It reminds me that this is a college campus. The campus was so empty during winter, that seeing it so full surprises me.

So how did I spend this wonderful weather?


No, not that kind of cricket.

As I was saying, Cricket.

No, not that Krikkit either.

I’m not talking about insects or genocidal aliens. I’m talking about that sport which is popular in multiple countries–and unheard of in the USA.

This kind of Cricket.

It looks like baseball and it is to the extent that you hit a ball with a wooden bat. Otherwise, it’s quite different. And has a lot of rules. Rules I didn’t fully understand until today, when a couple of friends and classmates decided to have a sort of cricket match. I joined in, even though I knew lickety splat about how to play aside from “hit the ball and run,” but I caught on rather quickly. I actually learned how to play the game! (Sort of…Not going to call myself Sachin Tendulkar at all). My team still lost, but it was close-ish.

And thus the real first day of spring begins. A cricket match and three weeks of the semester to go.

Now let’s hope I haven’t jinxed it again. I’d rather not have any snow.

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