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 Written by    April 17, 2017

This semester, I’m in a history class that requires us to write a few essays analyzing articles from historical newspapers. I cringed a little when I read this in the syllabus, imagining me sitting in Thompson Library for hours with newspapers strewn all around me, searching for the perfect article. Luckily, Ohio State gives us access to an online database that eliminates the need for long nights perusing newspapers.

If you go to the Ohio State Library website, you’ll see a link to “research databases list.” This is where you can find Proquest Historical Newspapers, which is the database I’ve been using for sources for my history essays. It’s been great to know that I can just type in a keyword like “environment” or “economy” and the database will pull up so many articles for me to choose from, and I can even limit the search to a certain year or a certain newspaper if I’m looking for something more specific.

Ohio State also gives us access to many other online databases, such as “Mayan Archaeology Digital Photographs,” “Papers of Alexander Hamilton,” and “First World War Personal Experiences.” And those were just the ones that caught my eye in a five-minute search–I’m sure there are many other interesting databases I would come across if I did a more thorough browsing. It’s great to know that being an Ohio State student allows us to reach so much academic material, and we sure have come a long way from the days of actually having to walk to the library to find sources! (Although I have heard that the librarians are always willing to help you search for potential sources if you ask them.)

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