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Make your time at Ohio State more meaningful

 Written by    April 18, 2017

We have two weeks left in the year, and that has me thinking “wow, where has the time gone?”

Seriously… I can’t believe how fast this year went by, and I am even more shocked that I am already just about halfway done with my time here at Ohio State. This realization has me wondering if I am truly making the most of my time here, as I’ve been thinking I really need to get more involved and go beyond simply attending class and hanging out with my friends.

Here are some brief suggestions of ways to get more involved at Ohio State. You may not want to add more to your plate, but maybe you’re like me and are dreading graduation day and saying goodbye to this wonderful university.

  1. Join a club. There are all sorts of clubs on campus that are meant to either make the university feel smaller, help you with your career or another aspect of life, or just for fun, as a stress relieving outlet. Clubs are usually not very time consuming and can be a lot of fun. They’re a great way to meet new people and help you grow as an individual.
  2. Volunteer! This is a big one for me. I really think that if I spent more time in community service, my college career would feel a lot more meaningful to me. The university has all types of outreach programs and connections to different opportunities to volunteer in the Columbus area. Getting involved with volunteering is extremely rewarding and enriching!
  3. Get a job. Ohio State holds several job opportunities for students around campus, plus there are lots of places near campus that hire Ohio State students as well. It definitely doesn’t hurt to add to your resume and get some work experience in your free time, not to mention it’s nice to make some money!
  4. Budget your time. I find that I am a lot more productive and happier when I plan out my days. I always feel way better at the end of the day when I’ve accomplished what I needed or wanted to do, but I don’t always get there if I don’t make a plan. College gives you a lot of “free time” because you aren’t in class as often, but that makes it very easy to waste the time away when you could be more productive.
  5. Have more fun! You’re only in college for four years, and there are a lot of fun opportunities here at Ohio State. Now is the time to make everlasting memories and do things that you couldn’t really do once you graduate, get a “grown up” job, and enter the “real world.” Live it up!

Finish the year strong! It’s always hard to stay motivated at this point in the year–but we only have two weeks to go!



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