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We’re Almost There!

 Written by    April 20, 2017

With only two days of classes left in the school year, it’s hard to believe that this year flew by so quickly. Whether you’re finishing your very first year of college or you’re graduating, it’s important to study for your finals, de-stress, and don’t forget to continue making memories! The year isn’t over yet; there’s still time to have fun with your friends before you leave them for home.

Another important thing to consider is your personal growth. This doesn’t get light shed on it nearly enough, in my opinion. So many things change over the course of a year. Think about where you started and where you’re at now. How has your mindset changed? Did you discover something about yourself? Did you find a new passion, or make new friends?

All these things seem unimportant sometimes–why does it matter how I started as long as I ended up where I am now?

Achievement can only be measured by growth. If you started off as the CEO of a major corporation, where is the pride? Only if you took great leaps, made sacrifices, and put work and effort into it will you feel a sense of accomplishment and confidence.

Compare your life then and now.

Just take a minute to reflect on yourself.

Now, you’re ready to kick butt for finals. Be confident, remember how hard you’ve worked to get where you are now, and prepare yourself for summer! This is the last hurrah.


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