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Small Spaces

 Written by    April 27, 2017

My first year at Ohio State has gone really well, but I am looking forward to going home next week. It will be nice to eat home cooked meals, to not worry about studying, and to not be confined to one side of a room that’s already a little cramped.

The truth is, living in a double in Smith-Steeb has not been as bad as I imagined. I worried that my roommate and I would barely have room to store our things and still be able to move around, but overall we’ve been able to live pretty comfortably since August. Here are a few pieces of advice I would give to someone living in a double next year.

One potential layout for a double. Credit: OSU Housing

  1. Pack light. The more stuff you bring, the harder of a time you’ll have fitting all of it in the room, especially if your roommate is bringing as much as you. I know people who have brought chairs and other furniture only to never be able to use it. There’s probably space for one extra shelf in your room to hold smaller items, but other than that I mostly use my desk, my closet, and the space underneath my bed for storage.
  2. Keep it clean. Fortunately, my roommate and I are both pretty organized, so this one was easy for us. Similar to packing light, being able to put things in a smaller space than what you’re used to is really important, and that’s difficult when you can’t keep everything together. In a small room, a little bit of clutter can make a big difference in moving around and searching for lost items.
  3. Partially loft your beds. I did not personally do this, but I’ve heard this is a popular way to free up space in the room. Partially lofted beds are like bunk beds, but the beds are perpendicular to each other, creating an L shape. Because both beds are in one corner of the room, the rest of the space is free to store everything else. And there’s still room for a futon and TV under the bed!

Other than my food, this is almost all of my stuff, with just a little room to spare

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