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A Woke Study Break!

 Written by    April 27, 2017

So, with finals coming around the corner, my study breaks have been unhealthy Netflix binges (and I’m watching literal trash, so that makes it worse). I decided to try to find shorter, more stress-relieving study break material.

So, I turned to “Milk and Honey” by Rupi Kaur, a book of modern, feminist poetry.

But wait! Don’t rule it out because it’s poetry. I hate that in high school English classes we’re forced to read all these old, uber-ambiguous poems. It takes the charm out of poetry and makes it seem stuffy instead, but actually, modern poetry is amazing. Rupi Kaur’s poetry, especially, is easy to understand, relatable, and totally woke (and a lot of them are only a couple lines). I’ve included one of my favorite poems here, and links to a few other ones below. So let’s be woke (and awake) during our study breaks and reinvigorate the phenomenon of poetry!!! Happy finals, and remember, you can never be too tired to be woke! (Sorry, I cringed as soon as I thought of it.)

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