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 Written by    May 1, 2017

Physics Class, Smith Labs 2006, 17:42:00

 We’re taking a quiz in physics recitation, as we always do. It’s six questions and twenty points of quantum mechanics, our last of the semester. I fill out the quiz, check my work twice, and turn it in. After, I return to my desk because I plan to argue for a change to a grade I got on my last quiz. In the time between class ending and my finishing of the quiz, I browse my phone. I have an email.

Brought to you by pictures of excited Chris Pratt (x)

“I’m pleased to inform you that you’ve been selected for an in-person interview.” Which. What!?

I registered with Engineering Career Services about two weeks ago, in the hopes to be prepared for next year’s fall career fair. I updated my resume and submitted it to a few local companies for this summer, just for the heck of it. I didn’t really expect something to come of it. I’m a freshman engineering student with marginally impressive high school stats, and my career search (though not overly driven) this school year has not turned anything up.


So, you can imagine my surprise (and my joy!) to receive this sort of out-of-the-blue email from a company located in downtown Columbus. Whether or not anything will come of this is unknown. While I hope to get an engineering internship this summer, I’ve become comfortable with the idea of working and volunteering this summer in a non-major related capacity.

But, I feel extremely lucky that a resource like ECS was made available to me. Without it, I would have never submitted my resume or found out about the job, and the chance to get the job in the first place would have never occurred. In any case, this will be good practice for the fall career fairs and ensuing interviews. Or, as luck may have it, I might just get a major-related job this summer. Either way, I’m a teensy bit proud of myself.

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