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Halfway Done!

 Written by    May 1, 2017

So… I’m a junior now. That’s weird. I know people say this all the time but I really feel like my freshman year move-in day was just yesterday. Where has the time gone?

College really goes by fast. With classes and projects, club meetings, and a social life, weeks get filled up pretty quickly. I think it’s important to take the time to look back on all that has happened since my first day at Ohio State.

My freshman year of college was definitely a transformation for me. I had this idea that college was supposed to be all about parties and making as many friends as possible. When I realized I wasn’t too good at either of those, I decided maybe I should find something that I was actually interested in. I mean, Ohio State has over 1,300 student organizations so I figured I had to find something that was for me.

I didn’t find a true organization to fit my interests until this year. I started this year with the goal of making my sophomore year way better than my freshman year. Which proved very easy to do; my freshman year set the bar pretty low. So I decided to join H2O Church. Almost immediately I found exactly what I was looking for, a place where I could pursue my faith among a community of people who truly cared about my ability to thrive in college. I no longer felt the pressure¬†to have what I thought was a real “college experience.” I realized that wasn’t actually a thing. Instead I was able to spend my time with people who had the same interests as me and I was able to grow closer in my relationship with God.

Now I am looking ahead. My junior year of college starts in a couple months. What the heck. I can’t believe I have to actually start making real life decisions about¬†what I’m going to do after college. It scares me how quickly I’ve gotten here. Halfway through my college career and I don’t really want to imagine leaving Ohio State.

So instead, I’m going to soak up every moment I have here, allowing myself to truly enjoy my own unique “college experience.”

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