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I learned my lesson

 Written by    May 1, 2017

Last semester, the first time I picked up my calculus textbook was six days before the final. All semester, since my lecturer was a little dull, and since it was a class I had already technically taken (Calc 1 and 2), I didn’t feel I needed to study as much.

This was a feeling I carried all semester, until seven days before the final when I received the grade for the last midterm. I had gotten a C on a test in a class that I hardly studied for, and even two other A’s on previous midterms couldn’t save my grade from its new pit. The only thing that could save me was the final.

So I picked up the calc book.

“Stressed Student with Books” AKA me every day of my life. (x)

I spent hours for six days straight trying to remember/catch up/relearn/learn for the first time the material from the classes I had skipped and the quizzes I had skated through. I ended up with a B+ in a class I had already taken.

This semester is different. To be fair, my lecturer has been amazing, the content newer and more interesting, but I have also learned my lesson. While last semester I crammed 12 hours of studying for that class into finals week, this semester I amassed about 10 throughout the semester. I learned to study before the quizzes each week. I learned that it’s infinitely easier to study for finals when you have a foundation upon which to stand. I haven’t been tearing my hair out in stress over the things I still need to learn because I don’t need to learn it. I just need to practice. That’s a lot nicer of a feeling to head into a test with.

This semester I only missed three math classes (all for very good reasons), and aced every quiz we took. My midterm grades represented an upward trend, and I visited office hours more often than I did last semester (which was once.)

So hey, I guess college is teaching me something after all.

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