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SP17 – A Reflection

 Written by    May 30, 2017

As my freshman year of college comes to a close, I now have more education than a lot of the rest of the world, on average. This is an amazing thing, and I am blessed to be able to learn here at Ohio State; so, I wanted to take a look back on this semester’s highs and lows.

Narrated by tweets from yours truly.

Tutoring at Metro

To fulfill the requirements of one of my scholarships, I had to tutor seventh graders in Algebra/Pre-Algebra over at Metro Middle School. It was one of the more rewarding and challenging extra activities I did this semester. The kids were all smart, but they were middle schoolers right after lunch, so I got a lot of comments (as you can see) and a lot more resistance.

I wish I would have recorded more of the things they said.

But on the occasion that they would listen, or that they raised their hands and asked me a question, or when we worked through long problems together, I generally felt like I was making some sort of impact, no matter how insignificant. So here’s to educators, especially the ones that got me to where I am today.


I learned my lesson from last semester and learned to prioritize. I did skip a fair few physics classes (oops), but ended the class with a very solid A, so it evened out in the end. I took my first college general education and learned that my paper-writing skills that I developed in high school were just as important as I thought they would be. I almost died in two classes, but ended up with higher grades in them than I expected. I made Dean’s List! It’s a validating feeling, and I feel like the college adjustment/transition period is coming to a close. Sophomore year is going to be my year!

Spring break

I finally sorted out my social life, and though I didn’t do anything or go anywhere, I spent the majority of my time hanging out with my high school friends. I spent five days relaxing and doing nothing and it was absolutely lovely.

The Panic! At the Disco concert

Panic! came to the Schott in March, but we bought pre-sale tickets in October. It rained the day of the concert, but it was amazing. They’re one of my favorite bands, and Brendon Urie is amazing in concert. I bought a $30 tour shirt which is now the most punk piece of clothing I own. There’s another reason why Ohio State is a great school – its proximity to Columbus means that any big name tour will probably come within a walk/bus ride of campus.

Social life

I cemented a lot of friendships that I started to develop in autumn. My floormates and roommates were a constant source of support for me, and we’re planning on living together in the future. In my classes, I finally met people who weren’t engineers in my theatre class, but I also became better friends with people from my major. My robot group got pretty close to; so much so that at the end of the project we threw ourselves a celebration that included *ahem* modifying our robot, going to the Short North to wander around and eat Melt grilled cheese sandwiches, and hanging out in a place other than Hitchcock Hall room 208.

Networking/Becoming an adult

After getting my life together (at least a little) I started a job search late in the year and was absolutely flummoxed to get responses. I had interviews for three summer jobs; one that I was seriously considered for, one that I was in the top three candidates, and one that I got.

This is one of my greatest skills.


I kicked my caffeine addiction and went home a little more. I saw four theatre productions. I figured out my major, which was a year-long crises that deserves its own post.  I feel really good about last semester, and I hope that I can continue the streak. Coming out of autumn semester, I was tired and downtrodden, but despite a lot of pain (*cough* the Robot project *cough*) I feel a lot more confident in my academic and social ability to succeed in college.

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