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An RA’s Advice for New Residents

 Written by    May 4, 2017

For lots of freshmen, moving on campus is their first time living on their own. It may be a little intimidating, but it will also be a lot of fun! Here is my professional advice to be a successful resident your first semester:

  1. Go to your floor meetings
    • Your resident advisor (RA) will most likely host your first floor meeting on move-in day. These meetings are very informative and are a great place to ask questions and get information about the residence hall. The first meeting is also a great place to meet other residents on your floor!
  2. Meet your RAImage result for RA meme
    • Your RA may be pretty busy on move-in day (moving in tens of thousands of students all in one day isn’t easy!) But even if you don’t meet them the first day, you should make an effort to get to know your RA. They’re your link to all of the campus resources and can answer questions about housing, dining plans, and even give advice on being a student. If you need something, your RA is there to help.
  3. Get involved with hall councilImage result for hall council meme
    • Every residence hall on campus has a student-run hall council. The hall council decides what programs the building will host and how to spend grant money the building receives. There will be applications for the Executive Board for the hall council at the front desk of your building at the beginning of the year. If you’re not ready to commit to that, residents are always welcome to attend meetings and vote on upcoming programs. It’s another great way to meet people in the building and take on a leadership role in your community.
  4. Attend residence hall eventsImage result for residence hall program meme
    • There are always lots of exciting programs hosted in Ohio State’s residence halls, especially in the freshman buildings. These provide a wide range of activities, like crafts, sports, discussions, movies, and almost always free food! Your RA’s work very hard at putting these together, and they’re lots of fun to attend. If you don’t see any programs you’re interested in, talk to your RA about the kinds of events you want to see in the building.
  5. Utilize study spacesImage result for study meme
    • Anyone who has been at Ohio State for more than a semester can tell you that study space can be hard to come by. But what is usually in short supply is public study spaces. Fortunately for you, the residence halls on campus all have fantastic study spaces just for residents. These are private spaces reserved for residents in your building, and they’re a great resource when they library is full or it’s just to cold to walk there.

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