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 Written by    June 8, 2017

Last week I got my first ever paycheck from my first ever internship.

Wait, did I not tell you? Well, here it is in big bold letters.


That’s right ladies and gents, after two semesters of freaking out about my major, stumbling my way through classes, and generally not knowing what I’m doing, I finally got a little bit of my act together. Toward the end of spring semester (as in two weeks before) I polished up my resume, took the quizzes and modules to join Ohio State’s Engineering Career Services, met with an advisor, and I applied for three jobs. Two of them were through the ECS portal, which means they were specifically looking for Ohio State engineers! All three of them asked me back for an interview and I ended up getting one of them.

When I found out, I sent everyone I knew a snapchat with the Rocky theme playing in the background. (It was definitely a proud moment.)

I started May 16 at a place in Grandview (which is pretty much downtown Columbus) called 360Water, where I do technical writing for their e-learning courses. I use a lot of the skills I learned this year in first-year engineering—namely technical writing, but also reading and analyzing engineering technical drawings. For the robot competition spring semester (you can hear me talk about THAT lovely thing here or here), I took point on the online project portfolio and the SOLIDWORKS CAD modeling, too. In all, I pretty much knew I had the job coming out of the interview because I just plain knew what I was doing.

My family and I when they help me prepare for an interview (x)

On that note, the interview was not just the basic questions. There were technical questions too, which involved suggesting changes to existing engineering drawings and explaining how a pump worked based on its drawings. Considering that before this semester, I had never really had an interview, I felt that I was quick to learn. ECS also does a great job with sample questions and helpful interview hints.

When someone friends me on LinkedIn (x)

So, now I have a job! A real life, major-based internship that can show me a little bit of the industry that I may one day work in. Pretty cool, huh?

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