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Loving my Summer Internship

 Written by    June 1, 2017

Working in healthcare has never been a dream of mine. Most of my colleagues have really interesting stories about how they were personally effected by the healthcare system in some way and that is what inspired them to join. My reason is simple: they offered me a paid internship out of high school. Even though I took the position for what may be the wrong reasons, it turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

Northwell Health is the largest private employer in the whole state of New York. They have over 60,000 employees! It can be overwhelming for some but now that I have spent a year at Ohio State it just seems like business as usual for me. I work in analytics for their HR department. Most of my job is using different statistical measures to be able to predict employee behavior. For example, is it possible to calculate the likelihood of an employee to voluntarily leave their job at any given time? What metrics would you use? These are just some of the questions I work to resolve on a daily basis. Most companies don’t have an analytics department within HR but I am lucky to be at a company at the cutting edge of statistics. I was happy that there was a mutual interest between Northwell and I to return this summer as I feel Ohio State has prepared me to be an even better intern this time around. I can’t wait to return to Ohio State in the fall but until then I am sure my internship will keep me very busy.

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