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NEW Leadership Ohio: A Conference on Women in Politics

 Written by    June 6, 2017

This summer, I engaged in one of the best opportunities of my life through the NEW Leadership Ohio Conference on Women in Politics.

For a week at the John Glenn College of Public Affairs, I worked with my female peers and community leaders in order to learn and explore the “mysterious” political sector. In particular, we learned about what it means to run for public office and why women have always held less than 25% of any of the 500,000 elected positions in the United States.

We had the opportunity to meet with state representatives, campaign managers, lobbyists, and dozens of other political leaders from both Ohio and Washington, D.C. We spent a day at the Ohio Statehouse, Courthouse, and the city council, where we could ask questions about generally running for an office or specifically what it means to be a woman and run for office. Truly, I’ve never experienced anything like it, and I recommend that every college-aged woman (no matter what your major is!) apply for the program or contact Shadia Jallaq for more information.

Even if this doesn’t sound like your thing, it is still incredibly important for Ohio State students to get involved in the Columbus community; many of the issues that the city council tries to resolve either affect us as students or will affect us as graduates. Not sure where to start? Try the college democrats or republicans, or even non-partisan groups such as the Alexander Hamilton Society.

The city’s public affairs are our public affairs, and while it is important to vote, it is also important to speak up for the issue that speaks to you- there might not be anybody else to do it for you!

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