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May-mester Memories

 Written by    June 12, 2017

Today marks a week since I returned from being abroad for a month.

(“What?” Where?!” “Why” a chorus of children’s voices ask)

A week ago, I came back from my month-long study abroad (or “Maymester” as the cool kids say). We traveled to five different cities to study film and art in a global context.

It might be a huge cliche–I was certainly told this many times before I left–but I made a lot of memories during my study abroad program. So, to share my experience in a more blog-friendly way and continue the cycle of pro-study abroad propaganda, I give you:

The Four Types of Memories You Make on a Study Abroad Trip

1. The academic memories

Venice, Italy

These are the nerd moments. Not to say that you aren’t always interested in the academic part of the trip, but academics are definitely not the only reason you went (that’s why it’s called study abroad and not just study). But, it’s definitely a special moment when everything you’ve been studying just clicks and you get really excited about what you’re learning.

2. The people memories

Berlin, Germany

People you like? Whoa now…that’s just crazy. But, yea, you’ll probably meet some cool people and they will give you memories you probably would have never had without them. But I definitely don’t miss them or anything…Come on! Stop chopping those onions, I’m trying to write a blog!

3. The independence memories

Mont St. Michel, France

Yes…I know what I just said about friends. But  you’ll also gain a lot from those moments where you go off completely on your own. There’s something that can’t quite be put into words about exploring the world, even just a tiny sliver of it, for yourself.

4. THAT City memories

Athens, Greece

Ok…maybe it won’t be just one city (it definitely wasn’t for me). But there’ll probably be at least one. To translate: THAT City is a city with which one falls madly in love, where he or she imagines living/working, and a city one does not want to leave.

There’s a part of me that dislikes being so sentimental but I’m overdue for one of those kinds of posts and, to be fair, this is something that deserves a sentimental post. To say the least…it was a memorable trip I’m very thankful to have been on.

Indecisively yours,


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