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Campus in the Summer

 Written by    June 21, 2017

This summer I have the opportunity to stay on campus and although it was a hard decision to make, I’m so glad I followed through with it. Ohio State’s campus during the summer is more interesting than I would’ve thought.

Working with Summer Conference Housing has given me the opportunity to live and work on campus while most students have already traveled home. Here at SCH we are in charge of housing over 25,000 guests throughout more than 125 conferences. We house guests for athletic camps, academic camps, faith-based camps, and many more. This year we are mainly using north campus dorms for our conferences which allows us to live on north campus too.

Staying in a dorm for the summer has been better than I thought. However, I was surprised by how quiet it was for the first couple of weeks. I knew the majority of students were heading home until fall, but the silence was very new to me. It turned out, the serenity of campus was perfect for when the first group of conferences checked in.

We got our first big group of campers in the middle of May and although I was intimidated at first, I realized that some of these individuals had never been on campus before. That was exciting to me. I started looking forward to check-ins so I could show guests which dorms they were staying in and where the dining halls were, just to give them a little taste of what college life was like. I even met some campers who were coming to Ohio State in the fall as freshmen — of course I took it upon myself to give them all the tips and cheat codes to freshman year. Who would I be if I didn’t?

Now that the month of June is in full swing students are coming back for their summer classes, so campus is a bit more populated the way I like it. I’ve also noticed that orientation has started for next year’s students. Most of the orientation stuff happens around west campus and the Oval, so we aren’t in charge of housing them. But I’ve been walking around a lot, noticing incoming students with their maps and drawstring backpacks, excitement and nervousness on their faces. It really makes me smile. I mean, I’m probably creeping these kids out just smiling as they walk by. But honestly I’m excited for them. They are about to start a whole new chapter of their lives and I’m just glad they are choosing to do it at The Ohio State University.

So if you’re reading this as an incoming freshman I hope you’re counting down the days until your orientation. Seeing campus during the summer is going to be a great introduction into your next stage of life as a Buckeye!

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