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The End (?) of a Summer Internship

 Written by    August 28, 2017

During a few points this summer (usually around payday), I would sit at my desk at work and think about the fact that I almost skipped the interview that got me this job. The combined factor of my finals and the 500 word email my (now) boss sent me before my interview left me feeling anxious. Plus, I was up in the air for a different job, and did I really need to go through the stress of another interview?

Turns out, I did.

I had a wildly successful summer, work-wise, and when I think about the fact that I almost didn’t get this job at all, I’m very grateful that I got over myself and went to the interview.

Further, in the context of work, this summer isn’t ending at all. I’ve been asked back to work part-time during the school year and they made me an actual, official employee instead of an independent contractor like I was for much of the summer.

Part of the reason I was asked back was because of my time management and productivity skills, which were heavily developed by the rigorous course work I took last year. It’s all very validating—there’s a firm connection between what I learned and developed in school to what I demonstrate in my professional life, and it makes me value my education even more.

To summarize, it may take a while, but school in some abstract and surprising ways does prepare you for the work world. Even though a lot of the skills I used in school went unused this summer, and I had to learn things that my professors did not teach me, the foundations created by FEH, Calculus, and Physics, were a foundation upon which I could reach into the professional world. I think it’s important that I learned that particular lesson early on in my education—maybe I can use it as motivation once midterms hit.

Me on my last day of full time work!


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