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How’s your summer going?

 Written by    July 11, 2017

No matter where you are reading this, I hope you are not missing out on the pleasantly satisfying sunshine of the summer time. I’m writing this, with much hope to be at beach instead of this boring desk, to let you know how I’ve been spending the summer.

This summer break showed me how being at Ohio State broadens the spectrum of opportunities that I can take advantage of. One of the things that I sincerely looked forward was participating in an internship. I had a great desire to learn more about the field in which I want to work after college and luckily, I met an organization that was willing to have me as an intern. The four-week internship program ended a couple of weeks ago and I could not be more grateful for what I got to see, learn, and experience working with some great individuals who are so dedicating and intellectual. 

The Korea Chamber of Commerce and Industry where I got to intern this summer.

Once the internship program was concluded, I started taking summer classes. As for now, I am enrolled in two classes (equivalent to 6 credit hours). What I realized after the first week was taking summer classes is painful. I am often called studious and I do enjoy accumulating some intellectually-challenging knowledge in my mind; however, I am 1) taking classes that I do not enjoy, and 2) this is summer and seeing everyone else laying on their bed 24/7 while I have to stay more than 4 hours every day at school is the most intimidating experience I have ever had. I was ambitious to take classes every summer, but no, that plan no longer exists.

There are various ways to spend the summer, of course, and I wish you were spending yours as how you expected. But most of all, don’t forget that you are blessed to spend the time with your family who will miss you dearly as you start another journey at college this fall. Be with them and make some good memories that will make the absence of you a little more endurable. Have a great summer and see you soon, folks.


Jae Han   

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