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Getting a Haircut

 Written by    July 14, 2017

If you are like me, then you need a haircut about every five weeks to tame your thick, luscious mane. If you are not like me, then you probably began undergoing the preliminary stages of male-pattern baldness in your late-teens, and I feel sorry for you.

Fret not, for you still have options.

Finding a good barbershop is like discovering a restaurant you love. As time passes, you heavily invest in the establishment and become one of its most esteemed patrons. You develop an almost familial bond with its staff. You shell out thousands of dollars over the course of a lifetime paying for a service you could likely master yourself in a matter of days by watching “How to” videos on YouTube and actually trying for once in your life.

Might I cite “expertvillage” as an invaluable cache of information?

But we all do crazy things when we’re in love, now, don’t we? And during my time on campus, I have come across three barbershops that I have come to love which provide quality haircuts and exceptional service at reasonable prices. Barbershops such as:

  1. Tecks Barber Shop

Tecks is to Great Clips what Five Guys is to McDonalds. Sure, the all day-breakfast might be great. But how many quarter-pounders can you pound before your aortic valve hardens irrevocably thanks to searing shame and a coating of pure giblet grease? Face it, you deserve better.

I personally like Tecks because of its location. I do not have a car, so I don’t want to venture too far off campus. And Tecks is located across High Street directly east of the Union. The barbers are also patient and skilled. I would say the only downside are the somewhat hefty prices, with a regular haircut setting you back about $23 (I dunno…maybe don’t eat dinner the night after going to Tecks).

Address: 10 E 13th AveColumbusOH 43201

2. Cuts Off High

When I first walked inside the doors of Cuts Off High, I noticed that the waiting area consisted of a coffee table, a TV, and a little felt couch. The coffee table had incense sticks burning on it, and the first time I was in there (along with every other time I have ever been there), the TV was playing re-runs of Star Trek: The Next Generation. The place is nothing short of unique, and the barbers there are quite interesting themselves, not to mention meticulous. I once asked one of them for a simple buzz-cut and he spent 50 minutes giving me one. 50 minutes on a freaking buzz-cut. And all that for only $14 ($22 if you are a lady with longer hair).

You are required to call and schedule an appointment ahead of time, so don’t just strut into the front door like Harry Potter’s dad and expect five-star treatment. It is earned, not given.

Address: 2450 N High St, Columbus, OH 43202 (you can take COTA line 2 to High and E Blake Ave).

Website: cutsoffhigh.weebly.com

Number: 614-859-6006

3. Rendezvous Hair Salon

Rendezvous, like Cuts Off High, requires you to call and schedule an appointment before showing up. Additionally, like Cuts Off High, it is an establishment that an uncultured pleb like myself would deem a bit “edgy.” The incense sticks and Star Trek re-runs are replaced with Goth-inspired decor, brick walls, lacquered wood floors, and ceiling lights which, for some reason, stay perpetually dim. Rendezvous is popular among its clientele for doling out haircuts that are more unique and flamboyant than what most of us may get. And the staff upholds this well-deserved reputation wholeheartedly. After all, the first person who cut my hair there was a lovely lady who sported tight leather pants, black nail polish, 6 inch heels, and a tattoo sleeve on her left arm that would put Justin Bieber to shame. While the atmosphere is different from what one may expect to encounter in the average barbershop, the experience was wonderful and the barbers were very friendly. Plus, if you go on Thursdays, haircuts are half price (I guess you don’t have to skip dinner and go to bed hungry after all).

Address: 2600 N High St, Columbus, OH 43201 (you can take COTA line 2 to High and E Hudson St).

Website: rendezvoushair.com

Number: 614-447-2600

I have given you the resources to maintain, tame, or outright change your luscious mane.

That last sentence had a lot of cheesy rhyming, so you know I fully stand behind my recommendations. Get out there and try out these barbershops the next time you need a haircut. You will not be dissatisfied.

Or take matters into your own hands.


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