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Top 9 things I didn’t do until senior year that I wish I’d done sooner

 Written by    July 28, 2017

The title says it all. Some of the many things I didn’t do until my last year of college that I don’t understand why I didn’t do earlier:

    1. Gateway D-Tix: Ohio State has a program called Discount Tickets, or D-Tix. The most powerful D-Tix of them all is the Gateway Film Center. For a mere $3, you can get a voucher for a ticket at the Gateway (just down the street) for any movie you want. I have never seen so many movies for so little money as I did this year after discovering Gateway D-Tix.

      La. La. Land.

    2. Hangover Easy: This is a classic campus-area joint that everyone passes but no one seems to actually go into because it looks/sounds kinda shady maybe??? (or at least that’s what I thought for my first three years here) However, Hangover Easy is a FREAKING AMAZING brunch place. The picture below says it all. It’s delicious. Just go.

      So much yum

    3. COTA: The Columbus bus system (COTA) always confused me, so I never wanted to take it. Then I realized that I managed to get off at the right bus stop in rural Tuscany without being able to speak any Italian, so there’s no reason the Columbus city bus should faze me. 

      Not as scary as you might think?

      Before this year, I’ve only taken the COTA about two times, but I’ve now taken it everywhere from the grocery store to concerts to downtown. The COTA bus is free for Ohio State students, can get you pretty much anywhere you want to go, and is amazing if you do not have a car.

    4. Explore Columbus: Speaking of getting around Columbus, definitely explore Columbus more than I did. Columbus is fantastic and I wish I’d had more time to explore it.

      SCHMIDT’SSSSS (photo creds to…whoever this photo came from…sorry…)

      This year, I expanded my knowledge of Columbus places to include places like Schmidt’s Sausage Haus (sausage-lover’s paradise), the Book Loft (book-lover’s paradise), and the Clippers’ baseball stadium (probably the Columbus-baseball-lover’s paradise, but I was mostly lured there by the promise of 10 cent hot dogs on dime-a-dog night.)

      come for the hotdogs, stay for the friends…but literally, because they’re your ride home.

    5. Columbus concerts: An additional advantage of attending Ohio State is 1) the number of artists who come through Columbus on tour and 2) your proximity to concert venues.

      Camped out in front of the Schott for Twenty One Pilots’ Tour De Columbus. People next to me had driven several hours or flown to get there. I walked from my apartment.

      If you live near campus, you’re within walking distance of both the Newport and the Schottenstein. The Basement, Express Live, and Nationwide Arena are an easy ~30-minute bus ride away from campus (remember the COTA bus? :)) There are so many artists coming through Columbus that it’s definitely worth browsing through local lineups.

      At Express Live–formerly known as the LC–for Relient K, the first band I ever loved <3
      (photo creds to Amanda Haymaker)

    6. Friend roadtrip weekend: To cap off our senior year, a bunch of my friends and I rented an inexpensive cabin in Hocking Hills for a couple days.

      You can take a kid out of college, but you can’t take the college out of the kid. Yes, that is Captain Crunch cereal in a wine glass…

      We went down after we finished finals and had fun hiking, making meals, playing games, hanging out, and reminiscing about years gone by. It was absolutely awesome and I don’t understand why we didn’t do it sooner.

      (Okay, finding the free time to do it may have been an issue, but still. Fall break is now a thing.) Advice: do this. Do the thing.

      (photo creds to Sadie Poe)

    7. Spring break trip: Since I’m from out of state and don’t get to go home often, I’ve always gone back home for spring break. This year, I decided to join one of my my church’s spring break trips and road-tripped it down to Cocoa Beach, Florida. I frequently groan about the fact that I can’t go back to the sunny days at the beach, the cold nights spent waiting for rockets to launch, and living/dining/learning together in a church across the street from the ocean. I wish I’d done it sooner.

      As an Ohio State student, you become an expert at figuring out how to involve everyone in your group in an O-H-I-O picture

    8. Watch the Butt Nuggs: Who are the Butt Nuggs, you ask? The Butter Nuggets are an intramural inner tube water polo team. Inner tube water polo, you ask? Seriously? Yes, that is an intramural sport at Ohio State, and yes, it is exactly what it sounds like.

      Unseat that man! FLIP. HIM.

      The reason I wish I’d watched my friends’ inner tube water polo games earlier (yes, the sport has apparently been around for a while) is because 1) it’s really entertaining, and 2) it’s ridiculous, so 3) you can let loose your unbridled passion for your friends in a sports-like manner without being too serious since 4) it’s a made-up sport so nobody can be too serious about it.

      Yes, we brought more fans than there were people on the team. Yes, we’re wearing chest paint. And yes, this is an intramural sport.

      You probably won’t want to watch the Butt Nuggs per se (though I hear they’re returning for next season!), but join an intramural sport—maybe an under-appreciated one like battleship, cornhole, kickball, or wallyball. Even if you don’t join an intramural, watching sporting events is even more fun when your friends are the ones playing.

    9. Finally, Do Spontaneous Things: Whether it’s helping people with their errands at Giant Eagle & Goodwill and then going out for dinner, randomly joining friends going to Polaris for dinner/shopping, or just deciding to have a lazy afternoon on the Oval when it’s far too nice out to do anything else, split-second decisions to do something fun instead of study have never not worked out for me…

    Should have been doing homework, but pleasant April Sundays are irresistible…



Credit: COTA bus picture

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