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My First Summer “Back” at Home: a Lesson

 Written by    July 31, 2017

Summer. For most it’s a brief time full of sun, tanning, relaxing, and water in one or more of its many forms. Now, usually this applies to me as well, however…this summer was my first summer “back” at home after living at school all year, and I was not excited about it. As summer is now coming to a close, I am now able to look back and reflect upon the last three-ish months.

I guess you could say it was a summer full of learning.

First lesson? Living with your parents is hard. After a year full of freedom and habitual behavior, it is extremely hard to adapt from your preferred lifestyle in order to fit under the metaphorical and physical roof of your parents. The butting of heads is inevitable.

Second: I miss my friends. Being an out-of-state student basically means the following: “Hey, friends! I know we’ve spent basically every day of the past almost year together, but…..see you in three months!” It’s incredibly hard to say goodbye to the people you have become used to seeing every single day. I have spent the last three months praying for one of those movie scenes where the calendar pages fall across the floor to show a quick passage of time. It is as if the days are crawling by.

Third: I miss campus. I miss walking every day and seeing Thompson Library, the Oval, the Union, and somehow I even miss my various run-down classrooms (you know, the ones that used chairs to prop open windows).

Fourth: these are all good things. Finding it hard to live with my parents again, missing my friends, and missing my school means that I have found something incredibly special in Ohio State. I have found something that I know many look for: home. Although I feel as though this summer has dragged by, I can’t help but feel incredibly grateful that I actually get to come back to Columbus.




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