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The Eclipse

 Written by    August 23, 2017

Was awesome, though that word is truly overused. Unfortunately, for us in Columbus, we only had a partial eclipse. And the difference between a partial eclipse and a total eclipse, even if that partial is 90%? It makes a big difference. Unless it’s a total, it still looks like the sun is in the sky (though the light did change a bit.)

Look at this Diamond Ring! We didn’t get this, darn it.

Those of you who went into the Path of Totality (yes, it deserves the capitals) and saw the Total Eclipse, kudos to you! Tell us what it was like. Those of you who didn’t because you couldn’t, there is another one heading our way April 2024, so just wait and hope.

And as for me, I…was completely unprepared for the eclipse since I had only shown up in the USA two days before the event? Well, I didn’t let that stop me! On the day of the eclipse I went outside and sat and watched the whole thing, using-

The Poor Mans Eclipse Viewer!

Yes, that is a cardboard box of (unpalatable) cereal, but it did in fact work! Even though yesterday was slightly cloudy, I saw the eclipse! (Sidenote, this is a pinhole projector, I didn’t stare at the sun with it, I still need my eyes.)

As an astronomy student, even that partial eclipse was pretty darn cool. But I plan on catching a total eclipse at least once in my life. Especially after seeing some videos of it (Veritasium was a favorite.) Seeing those videos, it was easy to see how all those mythologies about eclipses came to be. But my favorite picture of (any) eclipse has to have been-


An eclipse from the ISS. This picture right here, makes me eagerly await the next eclipse. Next time I will see it, and you should to!



Diamond Ring- https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/image-gallery

Cereal Box Viewer- Me

ISS Eclipse- https://eclipse2017.nasa.gov/image-gallery


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