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Give Your Roommate a Chance

 Written by    August 25, 2017

I like to tell people I knew right away that Steve was going to be a spectacular roommate. The truth is I had my doubts. Personally, I was born to be an introvert, there is no way around that. I normally keep to myself and do not like to be put in social situations. However, before I moved in freshman year I decided I would work up the confidence to post a small bio in the Facebook group. I got one message in response and it was the best Facebook message I ever got.

It was clear through a few months of texting that Steve and I were a bit different. Steve was in show choir, I played baseball. Steve listens to EDM, I couldn’t name an EDM artist. However, Steve was willing to give me a shot as a roommate and I thought why not. We had similar political beliefs and I figured we could probably make it work. Within about a week of rooming with Steve it became glaring to me that there was a major difference between us that didn’t show up in texts. Steve is an EXTREMELY extroverted personality. He enjoys the company of others, loves to meet new people, isn’t afraid to put himself out there, and is socially fearless. I would be lying if I said the thought didn’t cross my mind that this would be a disaster.

It turned out to be the most rewarding experiences I have in my life. Steve and I got use to each other and have turned out to make a really good team. He is definitely the Ferris Bueller to my Cameron. We are rooming together this year and it looks to be just as fun. Give your roommate a chance even if they are different from you. As long as they are reliable and respectful you should be able to make it work!


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