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Navigating the 50 Clubs You Signed Up For

 Written by    August 30, 2017


So, the Involvement Fair just took place last week. You hiked to The Oval with your roommate ready for free t-shirts and free food.  After being completely overwhelmed by over 200 tables, using the “Involvement Fair” geo-filter, and taking a selfie with Brutus, it has been three hours. The fair was long, hot, chaotic, and you are more than ready for a long nap.

As you head home, you look down at the free Ohio State bag you just got. But, surprise! It is filled to the brim with fliers, contact information, and schedules. When you think back on the past three hours, you realize that you signed up for roughly fifty clubs. Seconds later, your inbox is filled with emails from club presidents and administrators. “I can manage all these clubs! I did it in high school!” you think to yourself. But I am here to tell you, NO YOU CAN’T!

Having one year of college under my belt, the most important lesson that I can teach freshmen is how to manage your time. I have fallen in love with the different organizations that I am involved in and, by all means, I want you to have that same experience! But unlike me, I do not want you to try and attend all fifty of the club meetings that you have committed to.

The amount of free time that college presents to you is daunting. If you’re anything like me, you see this time as the perfect opportunity to dive into organizations and start getting involved. The part that you are going to forget is that college classes require exponentially more time than any high school class did. I am begging you to remember that you came here to get your degree!

“So how do I get involved without over-exerting myself?” you’re wondering. Well! Let me give you a few pieces of advice:

  1. Make a list of the clubs you signed up for, ranking them in order of your favorite to least favorite.
  2. Do some research! If you go to the Ohio State website you can navigate through every club offered on campus (under the Current Students > Get Involved > Find an Organization tab), find out which clubs truly fit your interests and your class schedule.
  3. Pick your top five and go to their informational meeting to get a better feel for the organizations.
  4. Choose one club for fun, one that will improve your leadership skills and build your resume, and one that fits your major.
  5. If you can manage three clubs (one or two is also okay to start with!) I would recommend sticking with these categories! If you have time to squeeze in another (proceed with caution!) go for it!
  6. Go and meet some of your best friends at meetings each week!

For example, as a sophomore I am currently in Student Government, Club Swimming, YoungLife, NSSHLA, and teach swim lessons. It has been the perfect amount of involvement and I have met some of the best friends I could have ever asked for! I can’t wait to see what you get involved in!

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