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One Year and One Week

 Written by    August 30, 2017

I am one week into my second year at Ohio State and like the second season of any good TV show, it’s a time to build off of my growth from last year and meet new challenges. Before moving in, I figured I would not have to worry about feeling overwhelmed by classes and extracurricular activities since I had been through it before. Well, I was wrong, and three days in, I found myself feeling stressed and worried about balancing everything that would be coming my way in the next few months. But since classes started, I’ve been able to settle into a routine and manage my time better. Here are just a few of the highlights of the first week of my second year:

  • The eclipse

Have we already forgotten about the major cosmic event that happened right over our heads just last week? I watched the solar eclipse on the Oval with some of my friends, and though I’m not a huge space guy, I thought it was really cool! The clouds cleared up in time for the eclipse to peak, and seeing the Oval packed with people made it feel like a party.

Imagine this many people on all sides of you. That’s how many people were on the Oval to watch the eclipse.

  • Honors accounting

This semester, I’m taking Honors Accounting 2200, which a lot of accounting majors take for an extra focus on their chosen field. The class is supposed to be a lot more rigorous than the other accounting classes, but I’ve heard that the people in the class become very close with each other, since they often form groups to study/panic for exams together. Everyone I have met so far in the class has been really nice, so hopefully I’ll have the same experience!

  • Being older than people

I had sort of gotten used to being among the youngest, least knowledgeable people on campus last year, so it’s strange now to have a new crop of freshmen who are trying to find their classes, figure out their dining plan, and join student orgs all at the same time. I’ve already imparted some of my (limited) wisdom to the freshmen on my floor, and I’m considering capitalizing on my newfound senior status by wearing a robe and fake beard and insisting they refer to me as “Socrates.”

“Now listen carefully. For the dining plan, you have swipes and you have dining dollars…” (Photo credit) 

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    Very nice Aaron. You ARE the man for me!

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