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Dawn of the Second…Year

 Written by    September 12, 2017

No, the Moon isn’t falling, don’t worry.

File:Majora's Mask 3D Artwork Moon of Impending Doom (Official Artwork).png

Darn, shoulda made this joke before the eclipse

I hope that everyone enjoyed their Labour Day Weekend. It was certainly relaxing for me, and in that relaxation, I reflected upon my second year of college. And I marveled at how familiar yet different it was from my first year. The biggest difference being that coming back to college was like (and I know what I’m about to say is going to sound dangerously platitudic) coming back home. I had spent my summer with my family abroad and only came back into the country five days before the semester and then it was the day to move in and I moved in and that was that. A couple days later I paused while doing homework and had a moment of confusion over this familiarity. Like (so I’ve heard) riding a bicycle- you never forget. So, to the first years, if university seems like this big huge alien thing then wait a while and hopefully you’ll feel at home.

Another thing for first years is don’t feel pressured to do the whole college experience all at once. Take your first year slow, for most of you it’s going to be your slowest year. So enjoy it. That said, don’t shy away from trying new things. This is your moment to find out what you are. Make the most of it. Don’t let chances slip past you. Do what you want to do, fast.

Don’t take it from me of course. I’m not one to give advice (I always feel like I’m just repeating platitudes). You all will learn over time, through good and bad experiences. Here’s to most of them being good, and have a (very late this well wish I know) good year!


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