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Is OSU too big?

 Written by    September 13, 2017

I’ve lived in the same town in the same house my whole life. My high school was surrounded by cornfields. I was never a city girl, nor was I ever one who thought of what it would be like to leave my town. When I mentioned considering Ohio State as my next step, the responses were all the same: “But it’s so big!


Of course, they are right. One quick google search showed me that it was the second biggest university in the country. That’s a whole lot of people, and a whole lot of buildings, and a whole lot of everything. Someone as anxious as me could never be comfortable there, right?


So I visited. I walked the campus. I spent weekends there with friends of mine who were already OSU students. As it turns out, this “massive” college feels pretty small when you’re standing in the middle of it. The Oval and Mirror Lake areas give the campus a chill vibe. The buildings were all easy to find. I had a billion places I could choose to eat lunch, and if I didn’t want any of them, I could just take a walk down high street and grab any comfort food I desire. People that I walked past in the dorms would say hi to me, despite having never seen me. It struck me that this place wasn’t some big, intimidating city: it was its own community.

My roommate and I hammocking at the oval

Ohio State quickly became my number one choice. It had everything I wanted and more. It had all the things that the smaller colleges just couldn’t offer. I didn’t need to drive hours to find a university in a cute college town, because OSU was its own college town.


Now, weeks after moving in, I can’t imagine the fear I would have if I were going anywhere else. Ohio State feels so familiar, so comfortable. I don’t think it’s a big college, I just think it’s the size that you make it. Sure, you can distance yourself from everything and convince yourself there is too much for you to handle, or you can make it small by building your family and your support system with everything OSU has to offer. It isn’t too big for me. It isn’t too big for anybody. It was exactly what I was looking for, and I just had to realize it.


Win or lose, the whole university always comes together to sing Carmen. That’s pretty great.

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