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When College Gameday Comes to Campus

 Written by    September 14, 2017

At our university we have this saying.  It goes “ButforOhioState”.  I think this saying sums up a lot of our college experiences as Buckeyes.  This saying encompasses how our love for Ohio State drives us to make sacrifices for the betterment of our university and the betterment of our college days.  Over the past weekend I had a HUGE #butforohiostate moment.

At some point during your undergraduate career, College Gameday will be on campus.  As the Ohio State Buckeyes, it is inevitable that ESPN will show up on the oval and set up giant stages, cameras, and microphones.  It is yet another amazing, overlooked aspect of going to Ohio State.  Where else does ESPN set up a television set in the middle of campus?  Where else do they do it repeatedly, every year?  Only at Ohio State, my friends.

If you’re anything like me, you love to take advantage of every opportunity that Ohio State has to offer.  This past weekend, those opportunities included sleeping on The Oval.

Starting at 11:00 pm, we hauled blankets upon blankets out to The Oval, where there was already a line starting at the entrance to “The Pit” of College Gameday.

As each hour ticked down, we yelled out a countdown that echoed across campus.

Around 3:00 am, we fell asleep after a long night of card games and football.

At 5:00 am, we started standing, and would not sit for the next 7 hours.


The show started at 9:00 am and it was filled with hilarious signs and TV appearances.


12:00 hit and it was finally time to watch the announcers choose the Buckeyes as the predicted winners (and take a looonnnnng nap before kickoff).


Sleeping on The Oval was crazy, #butforohiostate it was so worth it.





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