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A Rite of Passage

 Written by    September 18, 2017

Let’s face it.

You’re not an Ohio State Student unless you’ve ridden (or at least know about) the 2. The COTA 2 is a line that goes up and down High Street. I’ve used it to ride into Downtown to see the Nutcracker at the Palace Theatre and back, and went to Melt in the Short North with my robot group.

But also (let’s face it) the 2 is not a very difficult line to follow. It’s a straight shot back and forth, so with a little help from Google maps beforehand to know where your stop is, it doesn’t take a lot of effort.  It’s a really great resource to have; college is tough, and sometimes the best way to counter that is to physically escape campus.

I think riding the bus (whether it be CABS, the campus bus system, or COTA, the bus system of the city of Columbus) is a rite of passage. (No pun intended!) Buses are a weird subculture of transportation systems that draw people from all walks of life. They’re useful, they’re environmentally friendly, and this year, I had to get familiar with more than one bus line.

Since I still work about once a week in Grandview, my first priority upon getting back to campus and settling in was figuring out how to balance my commitments. The bus system came with that. Work is only about 3 miles from my dorm, but I can’t walk that far and expect to get much work done.

I used COTA online and Google maps and tried to find the best strategy that would fit between my classes. I have about a 4 hour gap on Wednesdays in which I go straight from my linear algebra lecture in Mendenhall to the bus stop on 12th, take the 22 that comes at 10:23 to Grandview, and get to work by 10:47.

I have backup plans, too, in case of issues. Most of these take a lot longer and involve more walking. Every time I successfully get myself to work, though, I feel pretty proud.

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