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Week 1: Getting to know campus

 Written by    September 26, 2017

If you’re a fellow out-of-stater like myself, or are simply unfamiliar with OSU, you may arrive on campus knowing where exactly nothing is located. Since I showed up here with only a vague sense of where several buildings were, I made the best of my confusion by exploring campus. Here are a few of my favorite ways to get to know Ohio State:

  1. Go for a run or walk around campus: On Sunday morning after move-in, I forced myself to get up early for a jog around campus. Not only was this activity intended to burn off some of the stress-eating calories consumed the night before, but I also figured it might help to familiarize myself with the general layout of campus. And I was right! The early hours on campus are what I believe to be the most beautiful, and if you want to start your day off right, squeeze in a sweat session while watching the sun rise over the Oval. The views are definitely worth the early alarm and you’ll have a much better idea of where things are.

The sun rising above the Oval early in the morning (my photo)


2. Google Maps (or another reliable navigation app): After this week, I have decided that whoever invented Google Maps deserves a Nobel Prize. The walking feature made navigation to and from classes a breeze, and I am happy to say that I did not show up late once. This app is also really useful if you need to find your way to, say, CVS because you forgot that the dining halls close at 8:00 on Fridays and you really need a snack. Not that this happened to me or anything.

3. Explore the night before: Take a walk and find your individual classrooms the night before classes begin. Most, if not all, of the buildings on campus are open at night so that students can locate specific rooms. I highly recommend doing this because the floor plans of some buildings can be tricky to navigate and rooms may not be exactly where you assume they are.

Have fun exploring, Buckeyes!


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