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How to Make Your Dorm Feel Like Home

 Written by    October 4, 2017

For my first week or two at college, I felt like I was on an extended stay in a hotel. Luckily, there are a few things I found that made my dorm feel much more like home:

1. Decorate!

Every college dorm needs lights, so don’t forget to bring them (and Command strips) on move-in day! Don’t leave your walls blank. Bring posters, signs and a marker board to fill up the space. And of course, don’t forget to decorate for the holidays!

We found these Halloween lights at a thrift store for $3!

Shout out to my cousin for the Halloween sign!

2. Bring Your Favorite Photos

And display them proudly.

3. Bring Things to Remind You of Home

Whatever is special to you and reminds you of home, bring it with you or ask a family member to mail it if you’ve already moved in and live far from home.

4. Make it Comfy

Comfy chairs, fuzzy blankets and footstools/storage cubes! You can find lots of items like these at Target.

5. …but Practical

As comfy as our Target chairs are, you probably won’t be able to do your studying in them (I tried and fell asleep). You’ll also need a desk lamp, plenty of school supplies and probably a cushion for the chairs that are provided.


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