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Fun and Games (and a Surprise Parade!)

 Written by    October 12, 2017

Last year, I heard about a cool place in the Short North called Kingmakers. For $5, you could choose from a huge collection of board games and play for hours on end with your friends. I thought this seemed like a great concept and hoped to go this year. Meanwhile, I am also a mentor for my Scholars program, so I have a group of five freshmen for whom my co-mentor Madalynn and I plan events in and around campus to help them become more acclimated to life at Ohio State. I am guessing you can see where I am going with these two seemingly unrelated aspects of my life…

We took a COTA bus on Sunday from campus to the Short North. After about 5 minutes, the bus driver made an announcement that the bus was being rerouted and we decided it would be easier to get out and walk the rest of the way, since we were already pretty close to Kingmakers. We quickly discovered why the bus had to change its route: There was a parade for the Columbus Italian Festival! We stopped to watch the marching bands for a few minutes, then continued on the way to Kingmakers. The game we chose to play was Ticket to Ride. I had never played before, but one of the people working there explained and I figured it out pretty soon after starting. The object of the game is basically to build railroads to and from different cities across the US and Canada and get as many as possible without being blocked by one of your opponents. The game was a lot of fun, and it was relaxing enough that everyone was able to talk and able to get know one another better.

An intense game of Ticket to Ride. Credit: my co-mentor Madalynn

Even for non-board game lovers, Kingmakers definitely has a game library big enough so that there’s something for everyone, even if it’s a game like Sorry or Candyland to bring back childhood nostalgia. And maybe you’ll even see a parade on your way there!

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