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College Misconception #1: You’ll Have No Time

 Written by    October 12, 2017

In high school, teachers, adults and even older students seemed to fill our brains with warnings and college horror stories. Lots of conversations in high school contained sentences like “enjoy your time now, you won’t have it in college” or “you aren’t prepared for how much you’ll have to do in college”. I made the common assumption that no one has time in college, and if they do, they aren’t working hard or getting good grades. Life in college sounded painful.

I was misinformed.

Turns out, you can do well in classes and have time to breathe. You can study hard and have dinner with friends. You can get your college education and enjoy it, too.

Of course, this isn’t to say the majority of my time is spent in class or working; of course it is. But it was that way in high school, too! I sat in the same building for seven hours working and then went home to continue the work. Here, class time is broken up throughout the week, and if you’re smart with your studying, your time outside of class will be, too. When scheduling, you can even schedule in breaks during times you want to have off. That’s pretty great.

Here I am, a freshman at OSU, working hard and making time for myself. I attend all my classes, but I also attend weekly viewings of “Survivor” with friends. I do all my homework, but I also attend all the home football games. I study for tests, but I also read books for fun and relax in my Eno.

You have time in college. Manage it well, and your four(ish) years will earn you a degree PLUS amazing memories. It isn’t frighteningly busy here. You might have long nights here and there, but that isn’t to say you won’t have mornings where you can sleep till noon.

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