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Making the most of your BuckID

 Written by    October 19, 2017

During freshman orientation, be sure to put on your best smile! You will be getting your photo taken for your BuckID! While attending The Ohio State University, you will need your BuckID pretty much everywhere you go. At first, it can be challenging figuring out how to use this 3.25 x 2 inch card. Before you know it, you’ll become a BuckID master!


Most important? Food!

You can use your BuckID for food at numerous locations on and off campus. Depending on your meal plan, your options may vary. The easiest way to use your BuckID is by “swiping” into the dining halls. You will have a fixed number of swipes per week according to your meal plan. Locations that allow swipes include Kennedy located on south campus, Scott on north campus, and Morrill on west campus.

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BuckID is accepted at several other locations on campus. These places will accept Dining Dollars, BuckID Dollars, and Swipes. The amount of Dining Dollars and BuckID Dollars you have can vary according to your meal plan. A full list of on campus dining locations can be found at https://dining.osu.edu/dininglocations/

BuckID is also accepted at many other locations off campus! These locations do not take Swipes or Dining Dollars, but they do take BuckID Dollars. Off campus locations can be found under the BuckID Merchants category on the Ohio State App or by clicking https://buckid.osu.edu/merchants



Unless you have the luxury of returning home over the weekend to do your laundry, like most of us, you will be washing your clothes on campus. While most dorms accept BuckID for washing and drying, some of the older dorms may require you to bring rolls of quarters.

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Central Ohio Transit Authority, or better known as COTA, is the Columbus transportation system that Ohio State University students can use for FREE (I don’t know about you, but I’m all about free stuff in college). By swiping your BuckID, the COTA can take you places like Target, the Short North and Easton. Many students use the Transit App for bus schedules and routes.



If you want to attend a game to watch some Buckeye football, you’re going to need your BuckID to pick up your tickets. The Ohio Union Activities Board also puts on many cool events throughout the school year. Many of their events require you to obtain a FREE ticket with your BuckID.


Just Don’t Lose It

Essentially, you need your BuckID with you at all times. At the end of the day, you’re going to need it to get back in your dorm! Your BuckID also has your unique student ID number on the front, which you will need every so often. This card is your meal ticket, your debit card and your key all in one. Please, please, please do not lose it or accidentally throw it in the trash (this has happened before). Having your BuckID with you everywhere you go will ensure you make the most of your college experience here at The Ohio State University.

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For additional information, click here:https://buckid.osu.edu/

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