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Crutches on Campus? Make Your Life Easier!!

 Written by    October 25, 2017

Are you recently injured or post surgery wobbling around campus with a boot or crutches? I recently completed my second marathon in Columbus and found my-self with a foot injury that made walking long distances a real pain. Even worse, my good friend Rachel managed to obtain and stress fracture in her foot and is wearing a boot for the next couple of weeks. Here we are for some proof:

We did it!!

It was an absolutely perfect day for a marathon and it was my second time on the course so I was very aware of the very flat path ahead of me and was ready to enjoy the run. There was a lot of strong winds that ended up being more at my back then my face and it was mostly overcast making the temperature slightly warm but not too hot. I beat my old time by just over 15 minutes! YAY!

Getting back on track though, you may not know about it, but Ohio State offers services to help you get to class and back if you are injured and in need of assistance. Its called “paratransit” and it is available to all students if you have a permanent or temporary disability. You can find more information about it at https://ttm.osu.edu/paratransit!

Although I personally have healed up rather quickly and haven’t used the service, my friend Rachel has really enjoyed getting a lift to and from class so that if puts less stress on her body. The staff and drivers are very friendly and it is a very easy to use service.

Stay healthy and happy OSU!


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