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 Written by    October 31, 2017

I stole my friend’s camera because I’m that kind of friend. I’ve always wanted to capture my favorite spots at Ohio State so I went around and took pictures on a warm Sunday evening. Here are my favorites:

Knowlton Hall:

So apparently Knowlton (the architecture building) has a rooftop garden! I’ve never seen it and I’m scared to go into that building (architecture students freak me out a bit…in a good way, I think). So instead of going to the roof I like looking up at it from the sidewalk. There is a beautiful peephole where you can see some of the vegetation starting to spiral down. It’s a cool spot to stare at for a while.

On the north side of Knowlton there is a small pathway surrounded by trees. It’s almost like you’ve wandered into a little forest. I don’t usually enjoy nature that much but this spot is perfect for a little bit of peace and quiet from a busy week.

The Scarlet Walkway:

I absolutely love walking through the Scarlet Walkway that takes you to the RPAC. Sometimes I walk through the walkway without even needing to go to the gym. I just enjoy seeing everyone being healthier than me through the scarlet filter.

Olentangy River:

Bienvenue à Paris. LOL JK it’s just a random bridge that overlooks the Olentangy. But if you’re sad about Paris removing its locks from the famous Pont des Arts bridge, come on down to Columbus and pick a spot for your symbolic display of affection.

Ohio Stadium:

Oh you know I saved the best for last. The Shoe. There’s a lot to love about Ohio State’s campus, but one of the best places to share in the camaraderie of bein’ a Buckeye is at good ol’ Ohio Stadium. Go Bucks, baby!


All pictures taken by me! (Aaron, I will be holding your camera hostage until I get that ransom money!!)


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