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Surviving Orientation (and maybe, possibly, liking it?) TIP #2

 Written by    November 2, 2017

Last time, I talked about the importance of getting to know your peer leader and I detailed a little about how you can use them as a resource throughout your first year at Ohio State. While peer leaders will be able to connect you to many opportunities, they might not be able to make friends for you, leading us to our second tip—


Tip #2: Make friends with someone– I get it. You’re overwhelmed, you just met all these people, you’re probably exhausted, but it goes a long way to just say hi and be friendly with a few people in your group. Who knows? You could end up like me and continue to text and keep in contact with those people after orientation and realize that they’re really cool and all of a  sudden–BAM!– your first college friend! Even if you don’t immediately become best friends, it’s good practice to introduce yourself and learn more about other people, considering you’ll be doing that a LOT during the fall. And you never know when your lab partner in chemistry or the person on the treadmill next to you ends up being someone from your orientation group.

Getting out of your comfort zone and introducing yourself to someone at orientation is also beneficial because you won’t have to go through awkwardly not knowing anyone! Of course, you’ll be with your peer leader in your group, but just having someone to talk and relate to is great as you’re bombarded with new sights, smells, sounds and ambiance that comes with orientation.
To learn more about orientation, Peer Leaders or the First Year Experience team, visit www.fye.osu.edu.


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