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An Exciting Announcement

 Written by    November 2, 2017

Eek!! (substitute whatever noise of excitement most tickles your whiskers). As of last week, I officially tacked on my second minor: Film Studies.

More than just being able to minor is something of interest, this was an exciting moment for me because it officially marks my career shift. When I came to The Ohio State University, I was certain I wanted to be an English teacher. Yet, after an incredible journalism internship last summer (and a year of considering that I might want to do more), I decided to change tracks. Now, I hope to pursue a career as either a film critic or arts and entertainment journalist.

Finally being able to declare my minor is me officially leaning into that momentous change in career path aspirations. After that first internship, I felt terrified at the thought that I changed my mind on something I had spent years planning. But now, I’ve not only come to terms with this change, but I’m giddy at the thought that with this addition of the film studies minor I am one step closer to pursuing my dream job.

So…takeaways? Pursue┬ánew passions, even if it is scary.

As always: indecisively yours,


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