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Not so creepy Canfield

 Written by    November 7, 2017

As first year student, you are required to live on campus. Before move-in day arrives, you should think about roommate(s) and where you might want to live. You may not get your first choice of housing, so be sure to keep an open mind and make the most of your dorm experience!

I was very lucky, and met my roommate through an Ohio State roommate search Facebook page. Before our housing contract was due, we discussed where we might want to live. After comparing our class schedules and discussing our other wants and needs, we decided north campus would suit us best. On the housing contract, you have the ability to rank your desired choices of housing. My roommate and I put north campus as our top choice and we were certain we would be living there. When our housing information arrived in July, we were shocked to discover we would be living on south campus, specifically in Canfield Hall.

When I tell people I live in Canfield, nine times out of ten, most people respond with, “Where’s that?” Before move in day, I did some research on this tiny unheard-of dorm. I discovered Canfield is one of the oldest dorms on campus; it was built around 1940! Along with being extremely old, Canfield does not have air conditioning. I had absolutely no idea how I was going to enjoy the dorm life living in such a dated place.

I’m not going to lie; on move in day, I was a little terrified. The lobby of Canfield looked gothic and the hallways looked like something out of “The Shining”. I immediately opened the windows and turned on all of the fans to the highest setting in my room. I didn’t know how I was going to survive without air conditioning. Even now, some days are difficult, but my roommate and I have learned how to make it work. “Creepy Canfield,” as we like to call it, has become a great conversation starter. If you search ‘canfield osu’ on the internet, one of the next search words that comes up is usually ‘haunted’. Although I have never had any ghostly encounters, I would not be surprised if some find Canfield a little spooky. Those that dare to venture inside actually find it quite charming and unique. We have the luxury of being able to loft our beds, which gives us a lot more space. We also have walk in closets and a radiator!

Me on move-in day

Even though Canfield is very old, I have found it quite charming. From the outside it looks like a castle; and the courtyard looks like something similar to Hogwarts. My roommate and I have learned to make living in “creepy Canfield” enjoyable. Despite what I thought before moving in, I actually love living on south campus. There is a delicious pizza place called Adriatico’s right in front of Canfield, along with a Huntington Bank. Marketplace on Neil and a campus C-store are only a short walk away. Living on south campus is ultimately closer to downtown Columbus, which means there’s always something going on.

Courtyard behind Canfield 

Everyone is going to have different preferences about where the best place to live on campus is. My best piece of advice is to fully embrace wherever you end up living as a first-year student. North, west, and south campus all have a different feel and come with many pros and cons. It’s important to make your dorm feel as homey as possible. Make your dorm a place you feel comfortable being in, but remember, it’s never going to be perfect.

Stranger Things lights in my room


For more information, visit: https://housing.osu.edu/

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