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Wait – Fisher Just Impacted Food Insecurity

 Written by    November 17, 2017

“People don’t like reading long things,” they’d say. I’d hear the echoes around me, or in my head when I’d sit down to write: “Use short paragraphs, and don’t write too much. This will be cool,” they’d whisper, “This will be fun.”

Well, y’all, fine. This blog will be a little shorter than my normal ones. Mostly because as I write this, I have to meet with someone in 10 minutes. Killing two birds with one stone.

I’ve written plenty about Fisher Feelings, but I’m writing today about volunteering, specifically, with Fisher Impact Day, my favorite Fisher day all year. I really appreciate it when Fisher makes an impact! (If this were a text, I’d insert the D: emoji here. Not exactly, but you know what I mean.)

Fisher Impact Day is the one day of the year Fisher students conglomerate to volunteer at different sites around Columbus. I quite literally got my hands dirty volunteering at Franklinton farms. The other volunteers and I worked to uproot a raspberry garden from last season so Franklinton Gardens could use that plot for new plants.

My impact group! Yes, I was wearing the monkey hat. No, I have no shame.

This addresses food insecurity. Many people living in this area don’t have a steady supply of or accessibility to food, most;y because of the lack of grocery stores within a walkable distance. Planting more crops reduces the food insecurity in the area by providing fresh, healthy food in a walkable distance.

My friend, Sara, spearheaded the volunteering session as our self-proclaimed leader. She’d like it, I think, if I told you that she was part of a bulk buying club here at Ohio State that addresses food insecurity on campus called “Best Food Forward”.

It was a good day.

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