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The College Guide to Juggling

 Written by    November 27, 2017


Alright, so plot twist: I don’t actually know how to juggle–at least not in the literal sense (I’m still getting over the loss of my circus career). But, I do know a thing or two about life juggling.

(Life Juggling: phrase describing the act of managing multiple activities/commitments on a day-to-day basis)

This semester I’m working two jobs on top of a full-time course load and a club commitment. Sooooo I’ve had to really put my life-juggling skills to full use. No matter what you have on your plate (even if it’s just classes) college requires a certain skill set for juggling. And that’s why I’ve got three tips to being a better life-juggler.

  • Make Lists/Schedules/Agendas

For some people (me!), this might be super fun, for others, annoying. Either way, it’s infinitely helpful. Understand what you have to get done, when various things are due and how much time you need to work on each task. Structuring out “to-do’s” rather than having them floating around your head will help everything feel less stressful.

  • Set goals for free time

Like above, for people who don’t like to order out their entire life this will sound obnoxious. But trust me about this super helpful tip. This tip has different levels: First, planning out time that isn’t dedicated to any of those “to-dos”; second, planning out what is best for you in that free time. For me, I have often over-scheduled myself with social plans, so I need to set free time when I plan to be alone and do nothing. For others, maybe being with friends is the best de-stresser.

  • De-stress

Ok, maybe this is the most “duh!” of all of them, but find and do things that help you manage life-juggling stress. A sweet treat, Netflix nights, bubble baths, long walks, etc. Make it a priority to do those things that help relax you.


Indecisively yours,



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