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Top Things to Do on Campus if You’re Not Going to a Home Football Game

 Written by    November 28, 2017

I’m still a huge Buckeyes fan, but I don’t always like going to the football games. So over the past few semesters, I’ve come up with other things to do while the rest of Ohio State heads to the Shoe:

Try a popular restaurant in Columbus

Because so many people are at the football game, restaurants are often pretty empty during the game. Even popular restaurants, like Condado, have a very short wait if you go in the middle of a game. So if you’ve been wanting to try a particular restaurant but haven’t made it there yet because it’s too crowded, a home football game is the perfect time to go.

Work out at the RPAC

Avoid the weekday afternoon crowds at the RPAC by instead scheduling your workout so that you arrive right when everyone else is heading to see the band perform Script Ohio. Now, you’ll have your pick of lockers, treadmills and showers and you’ll get to enjoy your workout without the feeling that the person on the machine next to you is watching you!

Study/Do other homework

This is a great time to get schoolwork done because no one is around to distract you! Campus will be quiet, so you’ll probably get your favorite study spot all to yourself. Plus, think of all of the free time you’ll have on Sunday if you get everything done on Saturday.

Even if your friends think the only way to spend a Saturday is at a football game, there are still plenty of other activities you can take part in if you don’t go to the game! People like me who don’t love football can still make the most of home game days.


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