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Stop Hating on West Campus (Pt. II)

 Written by    November 28, 2017

This week I’m back with more reasons why MoTow is the GOAT.

4. It only takes seven minutes to bike to Target.
This is actually a huge deal since Target is probably one of the most essential stores on the planet, especially for college students.

What about the speeding cars? you might ask. There are sidewalks the whole way, so no worries there. The most dangerous part of the journey is avoiding getting hit by the CABS or COTA as you cross a few of the intersections. If you wait for the cross signs that won’t be a problem though. I’m just impatient!

Once you get to Target there are places to park and lock your bike while you shop. Proximity to Target is crucial criteria. Morrill is closer than other res halls by a mile (literally)!

5. Air conditioning.
Need I say more? Those first or last few weeks of the year can be brutal, and we all know fans only make it worse when all they can do is continually circulate hot air.

Morrill rooms have their own thermostats, and sometimes they even work! The day I moved in I set ours to 50 degrees, and it never dipped below 70, but it’s much more adjustable in the winter.

But honestly, though, AC is a must. Fingers crossed if you live on South!

6. Laundry and trash on every floor.
If you live in Morrill you’ll never have to take the elevator with your hamper or your trash or recycling bin. Do not underestimate this luxury.

Sometimes the washers take more time than the timer indicates. When my own timer goes off telling me my laundry is finished but the machine says there’s seven remaining, it only takes me ten seconds to get back to my room. I never have to waste time or lug stuff up and down the elevators!

West campus, best campus. Check out that amazing sunset! (PHOTO BY KAPCAR)


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