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OSU Resources I wish I knew about earlier

 Written by    November 28, 2017

OSU is here to help. They help with your homework, classes, job searches . . . even finding free or cheap tickets to events. With the amount of resources here though, it’s hard to keep track of them or even know about them. I have decided to compile a list of what I consider to be the best resources everyone should know about:

The language tutoring centers in Hagerty Hall. If you’re majoring/minoring in a foreign language (or need to take a language as a Gen Ed, like I do) Hagerty has native speakers and instructors to help you with literally everything. I brought in my Spanish composition and they helped me go through and fix my horrible grammar. You can go and simply have a conversation with one of the people there to practice your skills. You can ask about concepts you don’t understand. They’ll literally do anything you need for help, and it’s free to just walk in during their hours.

The librarians and library tutoring. There’s a librarian for every major. Every. Single. Major. You need help with something in your field, or you can’t find a good book or academic journal for your paper? There’s someone to help you out with that. Thompson also has research tutoring and a variety of other resources for more specific help with what you need to do.

D-Tix. D-Tix is freaking awesome. They have free and discounted tickets for just about everything going on in Columbus: new movies, musicals at the Ohio Theatre, the zoo, one-time events and speakers and conferences. It’s great for saving money or finding something cheap to do with friends.

FutureLink.  This is like an OSU-specific LinkedIn. Students can make a profile and businesses looking specifically for OSU students post their jobs or even invite students to apply. It makes finding internships and jobs so much less stressful.

Writing Centers. There are writing centers in both Thompson and Smith to help out with all kinds of papers. I know lots of students are intimidated by essays and hate doing them; these centers can help you out and make sure you’re set for a good grade.

OSU’s database. This goes along with research and writing, too. OSU has an online database and connections to surrounding libraries to get you the papers, essays, and academic journals you need for your thesis. Here’s a good place to start: go.osu.edu/ArticleExpress.

BuckeyeBar. We aren’t all CSE majors. If you’re having issues with your laptop or some piece of technology, BuckeyeBar is in Thompson library and they can help you out with your computer problems.

And this doesn’t even crack the surface. Whatever problem you’re having or whatever you want to do, there’s something for that. When in doubt, just Google it.

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