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Bigger is Better (Pt. I)

 Written by    December 8, 2017

When I began my college search, I thought I wanted a small school. I never thought I’d end up at a school as large as Ohio State.

If you’re reluctant to choose Ohio State because of its size, I assure you it’s not as scary as it sounds.

My incoming freshman class is only 7,000 (only!). Ohio State attracts transfer students sophomore, junior, and senior year, so that’s part of the reason why there are so many students.

In my opinion, campus does not feel too big. I see people I recognize or know every time I walk to or from a class. My longest walk to a class is about 13 minutes door-to-door. Since it’s my first class of the day, I never have an issue getting there on time.

Most of my classes during the day are back-to-back, and it rarely takes me more than six minutes to walk from one to the other. It’s not bad at all. I’ve never been late because of the time it took me to walk to a class, and I still have time to ask my professor a question when class is over.

I also believe campus doesn’t feel large because, for the most part, only freshmen and sophomores live on campus and eat at the dining halls. Once further into their majors, upperclassmen typically have classes closer together. Since they’re not always walking across campus, this also helps campus feel small.

This is a map of tOSU’s entire campus. (PHOTO BY goo.gl/Cye9Rc)

…And the red rectangle is what I consider campus because I rarely venture beyond this area! (PHOTO BY goo.gl/Cye9Rc)


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